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Providing lucrative opportunities in Vertical Organic Farming that offers produce that is nutrient-dense, fresher, and far more cost-effective

Vertical Organic Farming WE ARE THE SOLUTION

Nutrient-dense healthier food is the new global trend, and this rapidly escalating demand could transform your financial future. Our affordable organic vertical system makes this available to everyone at low risk with arranged markets. Expansion is modular, inexpensive, and supported by our team of experts so that experience is not necessary.

Consumers are supportive of organizations with a “SOCIAL CONSCIENCE”… & Vertical Organic Farming provides solutions which drastically reduce the unsustainable waste of our planet’s scarce potable water by 90%; cuts down the high cost and damaging impact of high carbon footprint due to distance from markets and heavy reliance on bulk transport by current agricultural practices. Your sense of purpose will be rewarded by a grateful consumer body.

For more information call Les on +27 82 651 1111 or email me at les@varticalorganicfarming.com

Les & Shirley Hutton

Founders & Global Developers