Arranging development and expansion:

Partners participate (under our guidance) as we introduce a career for growers to supply hi-value crops with arranged markets….using vertical farming techniques. POPULAR DEMAND FOR OUR SYSTEMS is assured through our effective marketing campaigns….globally!

Vertical Organic Farming has OBVIOUS SOLUTIONS: it dramatically cuts the high costs of farming ( avoids hi-cost equipment; you don’t have to repay exorbitant bonds on purchasing a large farm ); desperately needed jobs and agri-business opportunities are created; it provides volume adjacent to vast city markets; it has numerous advantages over conventional farming including a huge saving of space & water efficiency previously not achievable; cuts carbon footprint substantially.

The founder of “VERTICAL ORGANIC FARMING” has been engaged in urban farming for about thirty years. You can check his testimonials on our website from auspicious people such as Rotary International. His passion is to link with like-minded PARTNERS to expand this amazing system throughout the world…..thereby creating numerous jobs and opportunities for the little guy. “Give me two organisers-partners in each country and we will transform the way global food is supplied by a dedicated organic farmers. In so doing PARTNERS will earn a fortune at minimal risk. PARTNERS may also wish to farm as well as to coordinate other growers. Growing is also lucrative so this acceptable, but PARTNERS do not need to be growers…it’s their energy …their organisational capacity, that our planet so desperately needs”.

We have simplified the process: There are a number of financial avenues that a PARTNER may pursue to become a PARTNER. In every instance we require equipment to be located on-site as part of our commitment to our growers …and accordingly, we need to have a comparable commitment from the PARTNER holding that stock. Accordingly, the Partner’s commitment is underwritten by stock in his possession, priced at half of its market value. ( Note: minimal space required eg a quarter of your carport). These commitments can be modest and additionally are secured with our undertakings to the Partner to ensure that his financial exposure/risk is limited…refundable. Our organization has evolved into a dynamic, specialist management team. Bright and energetic young directors to drive us forward. FARMERS and HOMEGROWERS learn about growing high-value crops under our umbrella, our brand, and guidance. Neither our Partners nor our Growers are alone. MENTORSHIP IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

Consider this : GROWERS CAN EARN AS THEY LEARN. “No experience is necessary in this simple growing formula. So growers should start small with our low-cost TRIALS to gain confidence, even in their backyard, as they learn this simple skill….and perhaps thereafter start a new career which is a pleasing way to live….a game-changer in lifestyle! This is becoming the new normal ie families grow their own food as they demand safe, non-toxic food. Then the penny drops as they realise that other families could buy from them as well. This is such an easy route to starting their own business and we help them in their promotions. Its called HOMEGROWERS for suburban supply. “It’s cheaper , fresher by far & healthier”. The expansion is modular and ensures that nothing is lost even if they expand to a larger site. ”REMEMBER: WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER UNDER OUR COMMON BRAND!”


Beetroot that was recently grown using the Vertical Organic Farming system.

VOF wall New planting

Neatly mounted Vertical System by one of our growers

3 Lettuce

Lettuce growing in the Vertical System by one of our growers

Become a commercial farmer OR start a business from home

Here is a soft entry version ; an alternative approach which is highly recommend because it is such ‘low risk’….and allows you to gain confidence..

This low risk entry has amazing potential….always a popular proposition :

  • This ‘business from home’ is a great start-up but which has the potential ultimately to grow and supply 384 000 plants on ONLY 1 acre.. This is a reality for the range below and an extended range to follow in due course.
  • Set up a backyard operation using a sunny wall or an erected  pole structure so that you can test the growing efficiency.
  • Then, if you want to go further , you can  buy a BUSINESS for only R10 000/USD 1000 and get some bandoliers with soil and plants.
  • We ultimately guarantee to buy all good produced in a recognised region with an associate (wholesale ex farm) which you deliver to an approved location, or may be fetched at your cost.
  • As you feel the urge to expand we enable you to erect more modules at a really competitive price. You would have familiarity and proof/confidence at this stage so you may choose to erect this yourself or ,if you want it erected, we provide a handyman at your cost.
  • Expansion can happen as often as you like ; and as large as you may wish. We have little doubt that some farmers will have more than one system since they pay for costs of establishment.
  • The business encompasses technical support by an expert in different fields eg soil & nutrition , irrigation etc.
  • Accomplished and advanced growers will be invited to ‘get serious’ ie contractual growers of berries and other high value crops .
  • Nominated distributors will take up your stock.
  • Finally , we will also SOURCE growing areas which we will put out to tender to contract growers , coupled with confirmed markets.ie should you need farmland..
  • Another field which is compatible once you have the skills , is to market to buildings (architects ) for wall covering.  Also to sell small home kits for other home operators.
  • Another variation is micro greens for which there is a huge demand. Ideally this  should come in with the future (soon) trough system. But we could offer a variation right now for advanced growers.
  • NB you may be invited to join an export consortium which our established distributors would be pleased to handle.


Some crops : x5 lettuce varieties; various herbs x 5/10?? such as basil, turmeric ,rocket, mint, lemongrass etc ; baby veg such as kale, baby spinach , radish, young chard , berries esp strawberries; various flowers eg  freesias , asparagus ferns …many varieties ….etc , etc. The range is large enough and increases as advanced stage emerges eg root veg beetroot etc , garlic…expect asparagus , baby potato and carrots etc (need to establish container size) .

NOTE : we do not supply business plans for tiny systems , only volumes exceeding 48/50 000 lettuce on a contractual understanding. For instance earns monthly turnover of x R3.50 = R 175,000. Roughly at 50% profit = about R90 000.

YOU WANT MORE !!! This is not make believe…this is our UBER…our market disruption to ensure significant market share !