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Farming today is competitive ...and hugely capital intensive from an infrastructure perspective. Containing costs is a prime management focus which is increasingly reserved for the vast corporate farming sector. It is debatable whether this is effective as prices of agricultural produce continue to soar.

Sustainability is key. Agriculture needs innovation to cut down on the excesses that pollute our soil and water. Water is a rapidly diminishing resource ; refer to the food basket that is California as an example. These adverse factors are not sustainable and give rise to costs which society has to bear.

Large farms , usually remotely situated by virtue of their size , are outdated in the present form and give rise to costs of transport and unacceptable carbon footprint. This is why URBAN FARMING is becoming so popular.

New-age farming is going urban , nearer to markets to cut down on transport costs and carbon footprint . Sometimes called city farming which indicates a need to be closer to large markets. While attractive , small urban farms are not able to meet the demands of vast populations in cities.Time for innovation.

Our planet is becoming health conscious. It manifests in the exercise and food revolution by consumers who wish to live healthier and more vibrant lives. And their demands are also ethically targeting those elements which are adversely impacting on mother earth...pollution in all its forms. A significant number of small farmers are seeking organic solutions.

The appeal of organic farming is evident from the impressive escalation of global demand. Discerning consumers are increasingly aware of the attractions of farming methods that protect our environment . And farming technology has evolved to enable a reduction of organic production costs. When coupled with the popularity of small urban farmers then organic farming points to a
solution....the desired innovation only requires the necessary volumes to meet demand... at lower prices.

The USDA , in its vision of future demands , has recognised the challenge and has appropriately determined to certify container based organic agriculture. The inevitable
innovation has emerged : small organic farmers adjacent to cities need to increase capacity by going vertical.

Questions & Answers

Hi , I am a stay at home mum & love gardening. How do I turn my hobby into a business? Would enjoy to bring in extra income. Pam.

Hello Pam . Let's play it safe.You should test two aspects :First gain confidence in your grower abilities...prove that you have commercial capability by growing for family and start small. Then we need to check whether you have business savvy. If so , you are well on your way. We have numerous beginners just like you so you are not alone. Ask questions or start with a beginner pack. Good farming ! Les.

Hello VOF. I am a disgruntled office worker in IT ,looking for a SANE career. I agree that FOOD is the future so how can I get involved ? Garrett.

Hello Garrett. As IT and AI take hold in society , more and more people will 'escape' the rat race , moving to farms and nature. You are ahead of the herd so stay ahead with clever strategies. I recommend that you start modestly. Send me your CV and I will phone you to discuss a potential route to your success. L.

Hi ,
I have a small holding and am a fairly competent farmer...but not that sharp when it comes down to business aspects such as costing, branding and distribution. Your support sounds like a possible solution. Andrew.

Hi Andrew. You are potentially sitting on the crown jewels. This vertical growing will be a doddle for you. Two questions : are you adjacent to large markets ? Even though you claim to lack business skills , you may be an organiser. All farmers are usually organisers. Please send me your cv and farming profile and I will phone you. I am confident we can jointly evolve an attractive route for your consideration. L.

Hi . I live in Brisbane and have a BSc in agriculture....specialised in agronomy . I also have a Masters in Business with marketing focus. My current business is to support home and small farm growers , helping them to peak growing performance. I am taken with this trend in urban/vertical farming. Is there potential for me to participate ? T.

WOW T ! We usually go to a lo of trouble to find specialists like yourself...and here you arrive on our doorstep ! We provide our members with recipes of soil and medium to ensure peak performance for a wide variety of crops. We also cater for advanced growers with contracts to supply major outlets so need your expertise. Send me your cv and business profile, please. I will phone you. Thx L.

I have a few sunny spots around our home but not really big enough to plant on the ground. This vertical system appears to solve my problem. Do you cater for tiny operations such as mine ? Emma.

Hello Emma . The average home gardener is our main source of enquiries. Going vertical will surprise you , leaving ample space for plants and pathways. Get started with our beginner packs...then expand to all your sunny spots. Rgs , L.

My wife is a frustrated organic herb and baby veg grower. Insects and snails ruin her plants. How can you help. I would love to surprise her with a kit. Sherwin.

Hi Sherwin . Snails are relatively easy and baby veg is really our main game ; herbs within reason as well. Be bold , get started with our solutions to the pest problems. L

HI . i have shocking soils and dying to grow organic produce. Please help ! Naomi.

Hello Naomi. Our soils are formulated ,designer recipes for specified plants so this is you answer. Start small and lets work together on getting your vertical garden fine tuned. Best wishes , L.