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Real stories, Real Success. (2)-2
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Do you want more stories? We have plenty of sectors and Developers/Growers to tell you about. Danielle in Australia… our horticulturist supplying a local chain of hardware that also does plants, garden equipment…

Makes a bomb from seedlings and trestle supply! Then there is Shirley who is carving her own niche of indoor plants that heal and improve the air in bedrooms…she is also selling mini growing kits for hobbyists ie with Shirley’s ideas regarding recipes for eg PESTO from own grown Basil.

Or Contact Us today to make your own story...

Comments from Around the World

Farming today is competitive and hugely capital intensive. These rapidly escalating costs mean that farming activities are increasingly reserved for the vast corporate farming sector. This results in an ever-increasing CARBON FOOTPRINT….a further blight on our planet’s environmental health. Agriculture also needs innovation to cut down on other excesses such as the POLLUTION OF OUR WATER AND SOIL. DIMINISHING WATER SUPPLY is itself in crises …a rapidly diminishing resource. These adverse factors are not sustainable and give rise to damage to our planet, which society has to bear.  Our planet desperately needs GLOBAL SOLUTIONS to resolve these problems.

New-age farming is therefore becoming popular as these move to urban regions, moving close to city markets to cut down on transport costs and carbon footprint. While attractive, urban farms are not able to meet the volumes of food required by vast and increasing populations in cities. Time for innovation: THE SOLUTION IS TO GROW  VOLUME ON TINY SPACES USING VERTICAL FARMING SYSTEMS. OUR SOIL-BASED VERTICAL ORGANIC FARMING PROVIDES ANSWERS.

And more: Everyone on our planet is becoming health conscious, especially since the Covid Pandemic. Consumers wish to live healthier and more vibrant lives through exercising and eating healthily. Their demands are also ethically targeting pollution in all its forms. The appeal of organic farming is evident from the impressive escalation of global demand. Discerning consumers are increasingly favouring farming methods that protect our environment while delivering the healthiest, most nutritious food possible. The USDA has recognized the challenge and has since “certified container growing as organic if based upon principles of organic agriculture”.

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